School Bags

The KSS Dance Crew with our stylish bags !

The Must-Have!

This trendy school bag is perfect to transport anything; from school books to sportswear.

We offer you these school bags with an individual motive printed on it.
The bags are out of 100% cotton and are produced under fair conditions.
Additionally, the bags do not contain any chemicals or pesticides! They are proved by the OEKO-Tex standard 1000.
In contrast to normal plastic bags, ours are 100% recyclabe!

Stofftaschen gives due to the individual printing, no guarantee for the ordered products.

IMPORTANT: WE DO NOT EDIT YOUR MOTIVES. Thank you for your appreciation.

At the moment, the delivery time adds up to 4-5 weeks.
Each order has to be paid at least 10 days upon receipt. The payment is counted when the whole amout of money has been transferred to the named bank account.


The dimensions of the bag are: 40cm (W) x 45cm (H)


Your motive has to have at least 300 d.p.i.
Thank you for your order,
Your totebag-team

International Shipping Costs

Shipping costs for international orders very depending on the country of destination. If you are an international costumer, please contact us for quotes.
Please also keep in mind that international customs and taxes can apply.

Order Sheet

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Conditions for your own motive:


Um ein Motiv (Foto, Logo, Markenzeichen, Spruch u.a.) verwenden zu können, musst Du die vollen Rechte an diesem Motiv besitzen. Mit dem Senden des Motivs an die Stofftaschen-Email bestätigst Du:

  • Ich habe das Recht, das Motiv für kommerzielle Zwecke zu verwenden.
  • Im Fall einer Rechtsverletzung (unerlaubte Verwendung eines durch Dritte geschützten Motivs), wird Stofftaschen den Rechteinhaber mit sämtlichen Forderungen an mich verweisen.
  • Mir ist bekannt, dass die unrechtmäßige Verwendung von durch Dritte geschützen Motiven kein Kavaliersdelikt ist und mit hohen Geldstrafen geahndet werden kann.

Available Colours: